And we're back. Without my lovely co-host, but at the very least I'M back. :/

A simple reason has kept me from updating this at all. Carcypher appears to have left OKcupid and the Success-Failure forum appears to have stuck itself into a rut of endless "y i get no mesage" posts.

On occasions though strange things do happen, like this guy "Thatswankybrian" asking OKcupid for poker advice.

Seriously. I haven't seen a face card in a good 20 minutes. Let's not even talk pocket pairs or suited connectors... maybe an ace? Please? Poker, why do you hate me so tonight?

Seriously, even Yahoo Answers would have been a better place to post this, I think. Jesus. It's really only funny because of the amazing post that followed.

yoou meanan you fauiled at poke-her lol

I think that speaks for itself.