Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...the post entitled, "Sick of girls saying they want a nice guy."


P.S. These quotes have not been edited in any shape or form. It really was written exactly as shown. I'm sorry.
you girls or women say you want a nice guy a decent loving guy but when they show up you ignore and spit right into their face so really GTFO and just admit you want an asshole yes as you can see im truly pist off now by girls saying such lies you tell us guys we lie so much were all players and your innocent? BS your worse than us guys so to all tha guys on here just be yourself and dont even give into these girls if they tell you , your a nice guy dont even reply to it anymore make them beg for you instead i dont care about girls calling me a nice guy anymore i think they foolish to even know wat they want, only some certain girls are for real and will tell wat they truly want so this is targeted to all you foolish girls on this site even thinkin you deserve love, you dont deserve it till your show it yourself and you can take dat to tha bank! -.-