Whilst browsing the forums for the lulz, I ran across this gem of a comment by none other than Mr. Grammar himself,

nah i choose to be a nice gentleman and have respect and i come across girls who stay tha same as well and not choose to be some evil moronic slut of some evil rude bitch witch from hell
Lol. Seriously? Well, I just happen to have a few fine examples of his gentlemanly qualities. This first set of statements are in reply to a reasonable opening post in which a girl makes a few comments about she's having a hard time on OKC. This thread isn't about him or anyone in particular.
and yet another girl is crying out for guy? lol this just keeps goin and goin eh?
She calls him a troll, and he replies with...
uh oh is someone getting mad? or just trying to get by her ways how dare you call me a troll you stupid lil witch =D
She tries to get back on the topic at hand, but...
im not a troll im saying my honest opinion and just not actually buying into this classic fairy tale of heart broke hotel i am sorry you been hurt but your not tha only one who been through this
If this is the kind of respect he has for women, I can't imagine what his disrespect would look like.

Next we have a thread entitled, "Sick of guys saying they want a nice girl" which, of course, is a parody of his novel of a thread. In the opening post, the creator of the thread makes an awesome rebuttal to his argument and this is how he reacts to it...
ahahahahhahaahahaa nice try but then again this thread will be jokes

and who said i told you , you are bitch? ahahhaha your just backfired your own thread im a dude who prefers a nice girl anyday why would i want to be with a rude bad rude obnoxious little trick? aahahahahaa oh please tell me more OP
More jewels...bring out the barf bag.
i want a nice girl but she has to be a evil girl in bed lol raaawr i mean yea nice loving girls with a romantic attitude but she is nasty and bad in bed
guys this thread is a joke thread its a parody thread of my mine she doesnt mean wat she says here though i think he is trying to get back at wat i said

And the final note...
last man there' already a thread about this which i created ths is why this thread was created to make fun of my thread lmao
Isn't he such a catch, ladies? I can't imagine why he's having such a hard time finding a girl who is interested.